Donald Trump, What a Disaster Waiting to Happen 0

Can you believe this guy. Obviously he has been in front of too too many cameras in his life as he doesn’t know the difference between The right to expressing a personal opinion and basic human decency. Especially in the context of claiming to be the “One” who can lead this country to a good […]

Natural Gas – Everyones Resource

Natural Gas – Everyones Resource 0

Im a firm believer that all the natural gas that exists underground should belong to “ALL Americans, and if possible, the Government” ie: (the people as a whole) should get into the gas business. Why leave every single profitable venture to private capitalists which never reimburse the American people for the resources they plunder… Why […]

Founding Fathers Were Not Fortune Tellers 0

Always the talk about the founding fathers and their grand ideas for America. Wake up, the only great vision was that no one knew for sure what the future would bring so they set about to make a system that could “Change” with the times, always stalwart with certain basic principles like provide for the […]

Marijuana At the Cost of the Black Market? Why? 0

“I see a big disaster unfolding in front of me. Just like a bad dream unfolding slowly, and you try to shout for help, but no one can hear the cries for help”. But the only reason that no-one hears the screams is because of the din of the cash drawer clanking away as they […]

Here We Go Again 0

I cannot believe that in six hard years of getting over the Republican way of doing things, we are heading back in history to repeat all of the mistakes of the past. Anyone who follows politics for the sake of staying informed knows that EVERY SINGLE REP ADMINISTRATION SINCE THE FIFTIES ends in disaster for […]

Hijacked Again… 0

Typical of the average “politick”… get a domain like “Town Hall”  or and organization like the “United States Chamber of Commerce” which gives the impression it is the general consensus of all opinions and viewpoints, consisting of all americans of different viewpoints, but in reality, it is a one-sided affair in which article after article expouses […]

Do You Have An Offshore Bank Account? 0

It must be somewhat troubling for the average American to comprehend using loopholes and tax shelters to avoid detection, while smiling and saying “I’m your guy”… What next? Maybe Mitt Romney should show his tax returns and a copy of his Source: Yahoo birth certificate… LOL… Similar Blog & News ArticlesWhy Romney Won’t Release More […]

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  • Trump revokes Obama guidelines on transgender bathrooms February 23, 2017
    (Reuters) - President Donald Trump's administration on Wednesday revoked landmark guidance to public schools letting transgender students use the bathroom of their choice, reversing a signature initiative of former Democratic President Barack Obama.
  • White House delays revamped immigration order to next week: official February 23, 2017
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House has pushed back the release of a new executive order to replace its directive suspending travel to the United States by citizens of seven mostly Muslim countries, a White House official said on Wednesday.
  • U.S. senators say Cuba's Castro keen to continue detente February 23, 2017
    HAVANA (Reuters) - Cuban President Raul Castro made it clear to a visiting U.S. congressional delegation that his country was intent on pursuing market reform and detente with the United States, U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy told a news conference on Wednesday.
  • U.S. Homeland Secretary Kelly warns Guatemalans to stay home February 22, 2017
    GUATEMALA CITY (Reuters) - U.S. Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly on Wednesday told Guatemalans not to waste their money trying to get to the United States illegally, detailing how his department was cracking down on undocumented immigrants and would speed up deportations.
  • Trump seeks jobs advice from some firms that offshore U.S. work February 22, 2017
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump, who has vowed to stop U.S. manufacturing from disappearing overseas, is seeking job-creation advice from at least six companies that are laying off thousands of workers as they shift production abroad.
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  • Bernie Sanders Keeps Quiet On His Supporters’ Plans To Primary Democrats February 22, 2017
    Alex Wong / Getty Images The latest project from the staffers and activists who worked on Bernie Sanders’ 2016 campaign, #WeWillReplaceYou, presents Democratic lawmakers with a stark choice: oppose Donald Trump at every turn, or face a primary challenger who will.One progressive who has yet to back the group’s aims is Sanders himself.Through a spokesman, […]
  • Two Justices Warn Loophole Could Allow States To Conduct Otherwise Unconstitutional Executions February 21, 2017
    Alabama Department of Corrections via AP The US Supreme Court declined on Tuesday to hear a case brought by an Alabama death row inmate challenging the conditions under which he will be executed — a move that two justices say allows states to avoid similar challenges "no matter how cruel or how unusual" their method […]
  • National Enquirer, Facebook, And Russia Today — Here's The Media Consumption Habits Of Some Trump Supporters February 19, 2017
    Joe Raedle / Getty Images MELBOURNE, FL — Within minutes of taking the stage at his first campaign-style rally since he became president, Donald Trump told his supporters he wanted to speak to them "without the filter of the fake news.""They've become a big part of the problem," Trump told his cheering audience. "They are […]
  • As Many Republicans Avoid Testy Town Halls, Mark Sanford Hosts A Marathon Event With Protesters February 19, 2017
    Rep. Mark Sanford Sean Rayford / Getty Images MT. PLEASANT, S.C. — “What do y’all want to do?” South Carolina GOP Rep. Mark Sanford asked the crowd of 235 or so supporters and protesters packing a small auditorium shortly after 9 a.m. on Saturday.This was Sanford’s mantra for the morning, when the hour-long town hall […]
  • President Trump Declares The News Media "The Enemy Of The American People" February 17, 2017
    Sean Rayford / Getty Images President Trump's war against the news media escalated to new heights Friday, posting on Twitter that news organizations are "the enemy of the American people."In the tweet, Trump said the New York Times, CNN, NBC News "and many more" are not his enemy — but rather that of the general […]
  • Two DNC Candidates Question If Tom Perez Really Has 180 Votes February 17, 2017
    Pete Marovich / Getty Images Two candidates for chair of the Democratic National Committee cast scrutiny and doubt Thursday on the claim from one leading rival, Tom Perez, that he has secured 180 votes in the race.It's a rare flash of discord in a race where criticism and debate have been sparse, despite the opportunity […]
  • Florida Law Barring Doctors From Asking Patients If They Own Guns Is Struck Down February 16, 2017
    Dominick Reuter / AFP / Getty Images Florida lawmakers violated the First Amendment when they passed a law prohibiting doctors generally from asking patients if they owned guns, a federal appeals court ruled on Thursday.The law said that doctors couldn't ask patients if they owned guns unless they believed in "good faith" that the information […]
  • Immigration Advocates Call On Progressive Movement For Back Up February 16, 2017 WASHINGTON — The former Bernie Sanders staffer turned on a sepia-toned Facebook live video outside the Phoenix Immigration and Customs Enforcement office where family friend Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos was being held before being deported last week and pleaded with progressives to join the fight."This is the time to show up for the undocumented […]
  • Trump Says He's Asked The Justice Department To Investigate Leaks February 16, 2017
    Mario Tama / Getty Images WASHINGTON — President Trump said at a press conference on Thursday that he has asked the US Department of Justice to investigate leaks from his administration to reporters."I've actually called the Justice Department to look into the leaks. Those are criminal leaks," he said.Trump didn't specify if he'd asked the […]
  • This Poll Shows A Lot Of Republicans Like Ivanka — And So Do 22% Of Democrats February 16, 2017
    Mark Wilson / Getty Images WASHINGTON — A new poll shows Ivanka Trump is viewed in high regard by most Republicans and some Democrats.In recent weeks, her clothing line's performance and related retail decisions have spurred what critics call a conflict of interest from White House officials.Meanwhile, Nordstrom — which drew President Donald Trump's ire […]
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  • Pence Visits Vandalized Jewish Cemetery: "No Place In America For Hatred" February 22, 2017
    VP Mike Pence visits the site of a St. Louis area Jewish cemetery that was vandalzed over the weekend. MIKE PENCE: I'm Mike Pence, and I'm the vice president of the U.S.A. I spoke words earlier today in St. Louis that were from the heart. There is no place in America for acts of hatred, […]
  • Mike Pence Condemns Jewish Cemetery Violation In "Strongest Possible Terms" February 22, 2017
    During a speech at a construction equipment factory in Missouri on Wednesday, the vice president took a moment to condemn the act of vandalism that occurred at a Jewish cemetery in the St. Louis area this weekend. "That, along with other recent threats to Jewish community centers around the country," he said, "declare to all […]
  • Woman Who Challenged Mitch McConnell: They're Lying, They Know Coal Jobs Are Never Coming Back February 22, 2017
    Rose Mudd Perkins, a Kentucky woman who challenged Sen. Mitch McConnell at a Louisville town hall meeting on Tuesday, joins CNN to discuss her experience. "That was embarrassing," she said at the beginning of the interview. "When I saw the video, I was stunned. So, yeah." "This is about-- they're not being truthful," she said […]
  • The First 100 Days - Episode 5 February 22, 2017
    In our fifth episode, congressional correspondent James Arkin talks with Angel Padilla and Sarah Dohl of Indivisible – a group organizing the protests of congressional townhall meetings. Then, RealClearEducation editor Chris Beach talks with Republican Rep. Virginia Foxx of North Carolina, the new chairwoman of the House Education Committee.
  • Paul Ryan Spotted Riding A Horse During Trip To Mexican Border February 22, 2017
    House Speaker Paul Ryan is seen riding a horse during a trip to the U.S.-Mexico border.
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  • Democracy Now! 2017-02-22 Wednesday February 22, 2017
    Headlines for February 22, 2017; "A Deportation Force on Steroids": Millions of Immigrants Could Face Removal Under New Trump Rules; Advocate: Trump's Deportations are Possible Because Obama & Congress Failed to Protect Immigrants; Anne Frank Center: Trump's Remarks on Anti-Semitism are Too Little, Too Late; White House Refuses to Condemn Rise of Islamophobia as Radical […]
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  • Democracy Now! 2017-02-21 Tuesday February 21, 2017
    Headlines for February 21, 2017; A Champion of the People or Wall Street? Trump Pushes to End Dodd-Frank & Consumer Protection Agency; Black Edge: New Yorker's Sheelah Kolhatkar on Wall Street's Biggest Insider Trading Story in History; A Message to Trump from a Swede: My Real Concern is Rise of Militant Anti-Muslim Neo-Nazis, Fascists; #StopTrump: […]
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  • Democracy Now! 2017-02-20 Monday February 20, 2017
    Headlines for February 20, 2017; DHS Memos: Speed Up Mass Deportations & Prosecute Parents Who Help Undocumented Children Enter U.S.; Daniel Ramirez Medina's Lawyer: "Absolutely No Evidence" to Support DREAMer's Continued Detention; Did Jeff Sessions Foreshadow New Immigration Crackdown in a Memo Before Becoming Attorney General?; George Takei on 75th Anniv. of Internment of Japanese […]
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  • Democracy Now! 2017-02-17 Friday February 17, 2017
    Headlines for February 17, 2017; In First Solo Press Conference, Trump Attacks Media, Claims Admin Running Like "Fine-Tuned Machine"; Why Did ICE Arrest & Imprison a 23-Year-Old DREAMer and DACA Recipient Living Legally in the U.S.?; Undocumented Mother in Sanctuary in Denver Church: I've Paid Taxes for 20 Years, Why Hasn't Trump?; Denver Church Gives […]
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  • Democracy Now! 2017-02-16 Thursday February 16, 2017
    Headlines for February 16, 2017; Glenn Greenwald on Flynn-Russia Leaks: Highly Illegal & Wholly Justified; Greenwald: Democrats Seem to Consider Snowden's & Manning's Leaks Evil & Leaks Under Trump Heroic; Greenwald: Empowering the "Deep State" to Undermine Trump is Prescription for Destroying Democracy; Greenwald on Trump-Netanyahu Meeting & How Israel Is Turning into an Apartheid-Like […]
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  • Democracy Now! 2017-02-15 Wednesday February 15, 2017
    Headlines for February 15, 2017; What Did Trump Know & When Did He Know It? White House in Crisis over Flynn & Russia Scandals; Trump & Spicer Blame Russia Scandal on "Illegal Leaks" Rather Than Lies by Senior Officials; Rep. Lieu on Kellyanne Conway: White House Should Not Be Used for Enriching the President's Family; […]
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  • Democracy Now! 2017-02-14 Tuesday February 14, 2017
    Headlines for February 14, 2017; Pipeline Partners: Trudeau & Trump Meet as They Push for Keystone XL & Other Big Oil Projects; Crossing the Northern Border: Immigrants in U.S. Flee into Canada Seeking Refuge from Trump; Clayton Thomas-Muller: Rising Fascism in U.S. Is Emboldening White Supremacists in Canada; FCC Under Trump: Net Neutrality & Internet […]
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  • Democracy Now! 2017-02-13 Monday February 13, 2017
    Headlines for February 13, 2017; Secretary of Labor Violations? Opposition Grows to the Nomination of Fast-Food CEO Andy Puzder; Former Carl's Jr. Worker Recalls Sexual Harassment & Wage Theft at Andrew Puzder's Restaurant Chain; Saru Jayaraman: Trump Labor Nominee Andrew Puzder Does Not Respect Women At All; ICE Arrests 600 in Nationwide Raids After Trump […]
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  • Democracy Now! 2017-02-10 Friday February 10, 2017
    Headlines for February 10, 2017; Court Refuses to Reinstate Trump's Muslim Ban, Says "No Evidence" of Attacks from 7 Listed Countries; Trump Launches "Blue Lives Matter Regime" with Three New Executive Orders on Law Enforcement; ICE Raids Speed into Overdrive: Advocates Say Obama's Deportations Reaching "100 MPH" Under Trump; In Real Bowling Green Massacre, a […]
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  • Democracy Now! 2017-02-09 Thursday February 9, 2017
    Headlines for February 09, 2017; Human Slaughterhouse: Amnesty International Says Up to 13,000 Hanged at Syrian Prison; Syrian Refugee Crisis Linked to Rampant Torture, Disappearances & Arrests of Civilian Population; Meet the ACLU Attorney Interrogated by Border Agents About Her Work, Nationality & More; Which Foreign Group Will the Trump Administration Designate as a Terrorist […]
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