Hijacked Again… 0

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Typical of the average “politick”… get a domain like “Town Hall”  or and organization like the “United States Chamber of Commerce” which gives the impression it is the general consensus of all opinions and viewpoints, consisting of all americans of different viewpoints, but in reality, it is a one-sided affair in which article after article expouses the “Dangers” of one man, “Obama”. Come on, why is it that conservatives always hijack such commonplace names that sound like it’s “inclusive” but is really exclusive to their narrow minded view of things. That’s because to a conservative, town hall is something they think is only theirs something akin to most things american which belong to only “True Americans”. THe problem is is that they are the ones who decide who and what is american; Calling anyone who disagrees somehow “Socialist” or “Unamerican”, as the “other side” is somehow invading our country or hijacking it. No one stole the election the last time we had one, (wait a minute, are we talking 2008, oh yeah back to the “Current” 2012 election coming up… so noone is hijacking our country contrary to what some would have you believe. Another myth is that the government is somehow our enemy. The special interest want you to think that so that you will give up on the american system, therebye leaving it to them to have their way with it. Don’t forget people, the government is “US” we just have to reclaim it.

Now that the Republicans have gained control over the Senate and The House of Representatives, our country is in BIG TROUBLE, for sure. Talk about a set of unpleasant circumstances all coming together at the same time, setting us up for more of the same crooked policies that got our country in this trouble in the first place. Talk about a rigged system favoring the rich at every turn. Look at one of the first things they did. Give the Bankers BACK the ability to gamble your money by investing it as they see fit. If the investment pays off, you receive NOTHING for your capital. If the investments fail, then the taxpayers will have to pay for the losses. Does that seem fair? Look for more info on this on this site.