Donald Trump, What a Disaster Waiting to Happen 0

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Can you believe this guy. Obviously he has been in front of too too many cameras in his life as he doesn’t know the difference between The right to expressing a personal opinion and basic human decency. Especially in the context of claiming to be the “One” who can lead this country to a good place that offers justice. opportunity, prosperity, and freedom. He is by his own admission, the exact opposite in nature to the intent of the founding fathers who in their wisdom included the words “promote the general welfare” in one of our most valuable documents outlining the vision of the great country to be. With Donald Trump, it is HIS America he speaks of. It is the property of People Like Him who have the rights, Not the average man on the street. He is a phony. The extreme volatile nature of his rhetoric is scary to say the least, only it’s America and it’s Allies that it’s scaring. The reason is is that we know that Donald Trump is only inflaming the fires of hatred towards America and it’s Allies across the globe and that he knows it, and continues to do it, hints at some form of narcissistic mental illness at the very least. Donald Trump is the worse face one could ever be exposed to as an example of what America stands for as he is without conscience and even more so ignorant of the world and what it takes to represent the image of the USA, and run the greatest country on the face of the earth. By far He is the “Loser”. Look at how he deals with adversity? Not anytime but EVERYTIME he is confronted with criticism, he lashes out like some hothead idiot with the same old lines that always put down the “attacker” with slanderous and let’s face it, “Juvenile” rantings, all while he thinks he is skillfully avoiding the context of the question as he never ever address the issue at hand. Watch some footage and see for yourself, This guy is WORTHLESS. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that he is providing the fanatics with plenty of propaganda footage on the evils of the western world by showing his hatred and utter contempt for Islam as an example of how all Americans are. His mouth is so damaging and the fact that he gets away with it and has a group of people who agree, (Disgusting) goes a long way towards proving their point. All Americans should be ashamed that we, a supposedly a good God loving, true, honest, and fair country, would allow someone who is so divisive to participate in the most important position one could hold in our country. Sure anyone has the right to run for office, but to elevate someone like this and to keep them at this “elevated” status shows the true bigotry and more importantly the totally off the chart ignorance that a small but loud, powerful, and very vulgar group of people who claim to be American but by their own actions show that they don’t have a clue as to what America is really about.

God Help Us All… Please start by bring some sense of wisdom to the GOP party and Donald Trump before they destroy all the hard work that has been done to integrate and assimilate the Islamic or “Muslim” community into not only the US, but also into the fight against terrorism. People, wake up. Donald Trump is the Biggest LOSER to ever claim to represent the UNITED States of America…